HOWARDIAN “The Silly Shit You Say” was released March 15th, 2019 on Vinyl, Cassette and all digital platforms by Let’s Pretend and Starcleaner

ICYMI: Check out the “Silly Shit” video here from “The Silly Shit You Say” and Howardian “Still Here” on Scene Point Blank here

HOWARDIAN “All Signs Point To Bliss” was released SEPT 22nd, 2017 on all digital platforms. Also coming out on Loose Grip Records from LA this January 2018.

ICYMI: Check out the Cinnamon Rolls video here from “A Smurf At Land’s End.” Howardian “Do You Know I Wiggle” A collaboration w/ Schuyler Maehl came out OCT 10th, 2016 on Tick Tock Records and Let’s Pretend.